Cooking Githeri



If you came here looking for a recipe to cook Githeri, you are in a wrong place. This is not a kitchen or a cooking website. But wait!!!…before you leave, why don’t you just finish reading and see what i wanted to tell you.Terms and conditions apply. I do not reimburse for the time spent here reading my diary.

You sleep all day sleep all night then sleep is no more. You have nothing else to do. You have friends but you can’t visit them or call them over because you are not in the mood to answer their questions. They are too inquisitive and curious. So all you want to do is recoil back in your prison of solitude. It doesn’t make you happy or comfortable but it’s just safe.
No TV no radio all silence with little interruptions from neighbors who feel they have the best sound systems from China. So they play their silly songs on and on till I can memorize their whole playlist or their albums if they ever have one. It’s a Sunday and most of them have just remembered God exists. Most of their music is gospel. They hum on them as they wash Fridays and Saturdays nights sins off their clothes. Remember they will not be going to church like me and they slept in a club like me.
I washed my clothes yesterday, did a little cleaning of my house too. So it’s Sunday and i have a lot of nothing to do. It is supposed to be Lionel Richie’s “Easy like Sunday morning” But it’s not. Ahead of me lies a whole day.

The other day my neighbor brought me some fresh maize from his farm. They have been lying on the floor of my kitchen, thanks to the cool weather they are still good. I need to cook githeri but the whole mess and process is killing me before I commence on the task. First of all i have to wake up…..intimidating, though I haven’t been had much sleep lately. Second I have to walk like a more than a kilometer to the shopping center to get beans. Then sorting it out to have the good ones. Then removing the fresh maize from the cobs. Devastating. Drop dead at this point. I haven’t lit the jiko yet, luckily my neighbor had lit hers so i just took a few burning coal from her jiko to start my own fire. Shortcut. I want to wash the mixture to a rude shock of dry taps. Looking through my window everyone is out with a bucket or basin waiting to fetch water. I curse them. Now this water thing is embarrassing. Its been doing this for a while. The only time you can enjoy running water in your sink is when your neighbor has exhausted all her duties with water. I go out to fetch the water on a sufuria but that means i have to make several rounds to the tap outside since I do not have a bigger container.. My neighbor jokingly asks if am boiling a human head. I loathe him but I laugh it off with the rest of the enjoying neighbors.

After everything is ready i realize my sufuria is small for the githeri. Well not that the uncooked githeri can’t fit but when the mixture starts to boil it bulges and demands for extra space. And the boiling water starts streaming down into the fire onto the floor. Nkttt. Mopping. Mess. My charcoal is running out thus I have got to get more. Walking a kilometer again to get it? Hectic. Hate it. But that is it. Spent a whole day cooking githeri to prevent boredom and get a little bit busy with my lazy self.

Disclaimer: Am not lazy, I just lost my job, so if you hear of a position somewhere, please help a brother. If egotistic Kanye can beg Mark for help, whom am I not to.



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