Does the world really need religion?

By Agava Isabwa

Does the world really need religion? Where would we be without it? Am not judging anyone neither am I trying to rub some people wrong. It’s just a thought, that thing that rolls in your head after you have observed a few things here and there. I was born Catholic. And my mother is a staunch Catholic leave alone a hardcore Christian. In a family of 9 kids, everyone either sung in the choir or was a mass servant except for me. Maybe it was a curse maybe the “lord” just wanted me to be different. I still go to a mass once in a while when I can afford it.

Last week, I posted on my Facebook “What is the difference between religion, politics and cocaine.” I thought it would generate a conversation. It never did. Only a couple of guys weighed in and shared their thoughts.  I believe people literally avoided it for reasons I would guess. Religion is a debate that never ends. So folks probably thought I can go to hell with my questions. Why? Because they are too buried into it to have a liberal and healthy debate about it. Some are too blinded and bloated with their deities and beliefs to afford a space for another believer.

I acknowledge a lot of good things religion has done to me. It gave me a name. Martin. After St. Martin De Pores. I was loved and cared by nuns who lived in a convent a stone’s throw from our humble home. They did feed us when we lacked. We are not the only ones but other families around the world. Hospitals, schools all over. It’s not only the Christians but other religions too. Am talking about Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. I have lived with a lot of Muslim friends who have helped me when am down. I have come to their recue too. They feed the poor, educate them, and treat them. That’s good, after all what’s is the use of humanity.

But what’s the world’s biggest war? Where does it originate from? I know about oil, politics and territory wars. But they are not as big and universal as religious wars. They cut across borders. It’s either Muslims, Christians or Jews. Garrisaa attack, Westgate, Russain plane felt in Egypt, Paris attack and something common pops up. And we pretend that we are one and that no religion preaches killing of other human beings. Then who the hell is doing that? Satan? No don’t lie about that guy. I don’t remember his name being called as bombs go off and lead fills peoples flesh. Who teaches love and then tells you go forth and kill anyone who opposes or has their own beliefs. Giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

It’s time we stopped fooling around and burying our heads in sand and tell the world what we know, because they already know, they are simply waiting for someone else to confirm their biggest fears. If we keep saying Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism are religions of peace then which religion is wielding guns and setting up bombs out there. You and I and them should simply accept the bitter truth.

I believe as much as religion is doing good, well it’s just doing as much damage. The hatred it preaches is more than the love that goes round the world. Because it’s here with us we have to deal with it but my opinion is we do not need religion. It’s a thorn.


2 thoughts on “Does the world really need religion?

  1. Religion is a facade that cowards choose to hide. Coming from a Christian point, God called me to a grace that says law must be followed and anyone breaking it must atone for their disobedience by some way of punishment. However, in God’s infinite foreknowledge that we can’t afford the price of our sin, He gave u a better, way cheaper option. He gave us a free lease of life through His Only Son, that we may live.
    In that, He never asked us to believe in sets of rules and doctrines, but rather He demands that we believe in His eternal love.

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  2. Martin, we live in a corrupt world, with imperfect people. Some people worship religion but abuse humanity. While patriachs of faith taught us the right way, each human being has a different level of understanding. And each interpreted religion according to his or her own mind.
    But yes, what the world needs is Jesus and the religion of true love in hearts. Love that breaks all war boundaries and bring us as one.


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