In high school, i wasn’t famous with girls as my friends were. One of my friend was a good footballer and girls fought over him like Africans fight for oil. Even teachers were jealous of him. Another of my friend was good in math, chemistry,biology and physics. This was absurd, right? Read more.. Image: AFP Advertisements

My war with roaches

  Being in this room for the past four days has enabled me make some revelations. That there are three cockroaches in my house. Ok, there have been, until yesterday, when i declared total war on this little devils. I hunted them down like the international community thirsts for Konny


 By Selpher azenga         Kateni Matuvhaka felt delighted that he had finally won a long battle fought bravely to champion his ‘freedom rights’. His parents had finally allowed him to transfer from the college hostel facilities to a rental house in

The Cut -Part 2

By Selpher Azenga Women in our society were too wrapped and entangled in our old age traditions that men had created for their own selfish and chauvinistic reasons to make women slaves and blind that they couldn’t even see beyond their noses. I knew it would be a miracle to get out of this quick…


 By Selpher Azenga What a judgmental and biased society we live in. While it is okay for an author or writer to imagerize \draw out in his work and literature that a woman who is well endowed to be voluptuous and sexy, why does a slender woman have to be labeled as skinny, anorexic or…